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Many Mahalos to the Maui Christmas Sugar Cane Train for Donating part of the Proceeds of each Ticket purchased!

Plus, the Maui Christmas Sugar Cane Train hosted an evening where families riding the Christmas Train could donate Toys.

What a festive evening! The Ka’anapali Train Station was all lit up in Christmas lights and a big Tent. The Christmas Train was is all lit up for Christmas, my daughter and her husband take my Grandson every year and loves it.

I saw the pictures of Children and Families with Santa on the Train, they were all fabulous, better than any other setting or quality i have seen, ever i think. I planning to take all my grand-kids next year. So much Fun!

Here is a funny and cute story: for the 8 PM Train, families stood in line to take photos of the ‘Live Chicken’ perched on top the Christmas Tree in the tent.

We all know how many chickens are running around Maui-mostly in Kihei… most people do not know that Chickens and Roosters like to sleep/perch in Trees. Chickens do fly, just not very high or far at one time.

Well this lonely ‘teenage’ Chicken, has been slowly checking out the tent and tree for a good perch in the last few days… I heard this evening was his 2nd night in the Tree, but that he had been “casing the joint” for while. Mary and the others like the Chicken, so they left the Christmas Tree up for the Chicken to sleep in.

It was a chilly evening, this was one smart Chicken. “Da Chicken” never did move during all the photos ops; one elf even pet the feathers…