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Jackie Rice Foster Maui Hawaii

First off, there would not be a Toys for Tots without the help of Jackie Foster!

While SBU Maui County Toys for Tots is a team effort, Jackie donates a mass amount of time and energy running around and doing literally almost everything!

From buying $1500+ in Beer and Water and lugging it all into her big Truck, in & out of the storage areas; to buying Bikes and matching them with Children, to picking up Donations, picking out T-Shirts, Radio spots and the list just goes on and on. Oh and don’t forget the hours spent selling T-Shirts in different locations…wow!

December 10th the day of the Big Event, Jackie was the first on the scene and the last to leave… and worked non-stop all day!

While the rest of us as a team did accomplish a lot, nothing compares to Jackie…Thanks also to Jackie’s husband Chris, and Scotty the President of the Kanaka Hekili M/C for helping out. And of course SBU President Ron Panzo for donating time, $$ and his garage for our weekly meetings!

This years 2017 T4T Team includes

  • Ron Panzo
  • Jackie Foster
  • Larry & his wife Jann
  • Alan Raikes
  • Danny (last name?)

Plus with the help of Lenny Francis who organized the live music for the after party, Melanie Fernandez for taking some great photos and helping with stage set-up, and myself Athena– making and updating this T4T Website and posting on Social Media.

Chrissy Anderson and Tonya Da Kyhn helped me with Raffle Prizes in Lahaina.  Thanks also to Julie our Head Toy Bunny… Andy Bumatai as DJ and Kahu Alalani Hill for her wonderful Blessing and help giving away the bicycles on stage. Dina helped Jackie and I with T-shirt sales as well as working the Toy Donation Booth the morning of.

Jan was great for her tireless effort of selling Shirts all day! She did such a great job, we only had 28 shirts left by days end! (and we had ordered a 2nd batch of shirts…)

There are many others who donated time, energy and everything from Tents and Coolers to Tape and a last minute Bike tire pump…

More names to follow…

Again a Big Mahalo to Everyone!