Maui Food Bank Needs Food

We at Street Bikers’ United would like to ask your help in feeding those that have lost […]

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Please Donate what you can to our Street Bikers’ United Causes.

Street Bikers United

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners

We send most of the Turkeys to Hana and the Island of Molokai. It is not always easy getting 75+ Turkeys to another Island. We count on the donations of time and money, and someone with a Boat…

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Street Bikers United

Teachers Closet

New Cause for 2020: Teachers Closet. With so many other groups and business collecting and donating for “Tools for School”,  the team at Street Bikers United has decided to help Teachers this year.

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Street Bikers United

New Toys for Maui Keiki

The population of Maui County has exploded in the last few years! While some of the new arrivals are opening business here on the Islands, others are working 2+ jobs, simply trying to make ends meet.

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