Street Bikers United is on all Islands.

Meet the Street Bikers United _Maui Chapter

Street Bikers United Hi Inc. is membership based and recognized as a not-for-profit corporation. The primary purpose is to protect and advance the interests of motorcyclists in the political process.

Our agenda includes improving motorcycle safety through education, motorist awareness, the defeat or repeal of all motorcycle related legislation that is unjustifiably restrictive, and improving the public’s perception of motorcycling.

In 1972 a group of riders got together in a motorcycle shop. These riders founded Street Bikers United to protect motorcyclists’ rights in Hawaii

Today, SBUHI continues to voice motorcyclists’ interest within our community. You can help by joining and becoming a member today.

  • SBU HI is an organization that works on behalf of all motorcyclists in the State of Hawaii. We promote motorcycle safety and protect motorcyclists from legislation that does not serve our best interest.
  • SBU HI is not a club but a not-for-profit organization that is open to ALL riders regardless of their club affiliation or the type of motorcycle they ride.
  • SBU HI represents the interests of motorcycle riders, persons actively involved with the trade industry and motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • SBU HI exists to assist in charitable events and community service, and is the largest supporter of Toys for Tots  in Hawaii!
  • SBU HI promotes motorcycle safety and driver awareness
  • SBU HI takes an active role in political action.

Your membership dues go to assist in all of the above, but primarily to defend legislation that is viewed as anti-motorcycle in Hawaii.


Street Bikers United, Hawaii, Inc. Member Benefits

1. First hand knowledge of bills and resolutions introduced for changes in motorcycle riding laws in the State of Hawaii

2. Monthly newsletter to keep you informed about the Hawaii motorcycle scene, events and runs

3. Discounts at motorcycle shops and other businesses

SBUHI is the eyes, ears and VOICE for the Hawaii motorcycle community. YOU HAVE A VOICE ~ BECOME AN ACTIVE MEMBER TODAY


Earl Wilson Hawaii, 1942 SBU History, Background and Function Motorcycles have been a major part of Hawaii’s motoring history since the Second World War and earlier. There have always been motorcycle riders enjoying the winding coastal and mountain roads, year round warm tropical climate and beautiful scenery that makes Hawaii one of the premier motorcycle

 For information on Street Maui Bikers United Maui County Click Here

SBU Maui County also likes to assist in local charitable events and community services, (with special interest for Maui County’s keiki- including Moloka’i & Lana’i), motorcycle safety training and rider awareness programs.

Street Bikers United Hawaii is not a club but an organization representing and open to all riders regardless of club affiliation or bike type.


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