Street Bikers United

Teachers Closet


New Cause for 2020: Teachers Closet.

With so many other groups and businesses collecting and donating for “Tools for School”,  the team at Street Bikers United has decided to help our Teachers this year!

For the past few years, the SBU Team has been collecting donations, shopping for a LOT of School Supplies, and purchasing both boys and girls Backpacks etc. Then comes the stuffing of the backpacks. We get a line going to stuff the backpacks with all the school supplies that were donated and purchased. In 2019, Maui Street Bikers’ United donated 530 Backpacks, stuffed with School Supplies.

Each year, thanks to your donations, Maui Street Bikers’ United and Nalus South Shore Grill host a BBQ Rib Plate Lunch. This year, we held the Tools for School Event at Nalus, with a lineup of popular Maui Musicians and Draft Beer Specials.

This last 2019 year was out best ever. We had enough funds left over to honor a Hawaiian Teacher with a $300.00 Check! School starts in a week… He was very surprised and happy.

Teachers can use the money to purchase Equipment they would like for their Class.  Keeping it in their “Teachers Closet”.

We usually hold our School Fundraising Event the 3rd Saturday of July.

Honorable Donors:
Nalus South Shore Grill
Condo Rentals Hawaii
Azeka Shopping Center
Make Donation: